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All-Real is the leading solar simulator provider, with skilled researchers and engineers, All-Real develops the best apparatus to well simulate the natural sunlight for completing customer’s functional needs of photovoltaic and solar thermal applications. 
Accurate power measurement depends on the quality and reliability of solar simulator. All-Real APOLLO system is the only one certificated as class AAA steady-state solar simulator by three prestigious institutes -- TÜV Rheinland, UL and NIM.

2012.9.20 APOLLO is shown on France well-known TV Program, Green Energy : tomorrow’s reality.                2013.06.24 JRC published APOLLO


Solar Simulator
Light Soaking Solar Thermal System  UV Tester  Outdoor Measurement 
Class AAA large area steady-state - APOLLO
Flash HCPV module test system
The most economic and efficient  Desktop Solar Simulator  -ivSolar
R&D-lab requirements - Solo APOLLO
All-Real light soaking systems are designed to meet the requirement specified in thin-film IEC61646 10.19 light soaking .
►Provides the heat energy of testing and developing solar thermal collectors - independent of weather and season , include all components for measurements according to EN12975.
UV Test System is designed for the preconditioning test of IEC 61215, IEC 61345 and IEC 61646. A total UV irradiation of 15KWh/m2 accumulation will be completed in 5 days.
►Outdoor IV curve tracer is used to make module I-V measurements under prevailing outdoor conditions.
Weather monitoring system is the best choice for outdoor weather research, experiment, and module coefficient (NOCT)determination.

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