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Elaine Hung
     Outdoor Weather Monitoring System

All-Real outdoor weather monitoring system integrate radiometer, thermo-hygrometer and wind speed and direction sensor to record long-term weather information.Meanwhile the weather monitoring system can be applied to NOCT measurement for PV module. NOCT value can be derived by the built-in software, as result of sorting collected data, in accordance with procedure of IEC 61215/61646 10.5.

All-Real weather monitoring system has been tested and verified for a long while, the stability and precision are trusted by clients. Preferably, the system is suited for outdoor weather research, experiment, and specially for PV module NOCT determination.

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Features System Includes Options Standards

-   Long term raw data collection

-   Multi-channel design: automatic channel switch for measurement of PV module temperature

-   NOCT calculation for PV module

-   Measurement Range
Spectral range 310 ~ 2800nm
Ambient Temperature Calibrated Measuring Range
-50 ~ 50 ℃
Humidity Measuring Range
0 ~ 100% RH
Wind Speed 0 ~ 70 m/s (0 ~ 156 mph)
Wind Direction 0 ~ 360 degrees

-   Export raw data to Excel

-   Outdoor durable protection rating : IP55

-   Industrial PC: Data Collection

-   Radiometer

-   Anemometer (Wind speed and direction sensor )

-   Humidity and Temperature Sensor

-   Temperature Sensor: T-type thermometer

-   Operating Instruction



-   Software for NOCT measurement

-   Open Rack for NOCT testing

-   Outdoor Cabient


-   IEC 61215

Crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules –Design qualification and type approval.

      10.5 Measurement of NOCT

-   IEC 61646

Thin-film terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules – Design qualification and type approval.

      10.5 Measurement of NOCT



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