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Elaine Hung
     Flash Parallel Solar Simulator - HCPV module tests

All-Real Flash Parallel Solar Simulator - HCPV module tests comprises three major parts of flash light source, HCPV module power rating station and IV Tracer.
Light Source and collimated mirror: The collimated angle of radiation is within ± 0.5° very similar to the real sun (with a controlled reference spectrum similar to AM 1.5D) to well simulate natural sun light and leads to accurate measurement.
IV Tracer: All-Real self-developed high speed measurement system, which is available to record the Voc, Isc, Pmax then come out fill-factor, efficiency and performance ratio.
Power rating station: as an automatic delivery device for production line to provide accurate measurement of power output. Each part is connected by software with user-friendly interface.
In addition with barcode scanning and junction box, the requirements of production lines for HCPV modules can be reached completely.


Features System Includes Options Standards

-   Beam collimation within ± 0.5° half-angle

-   Irradiance level adjustable850-1000 W/m2 DNI

-   Spectral matchClass A (IEC 60904-9 Ed2). 0.75-1.25%. Reference to AM1.5D

-   Non-UniformityClass B (IEC 60904-9 Ed2) 5%, Class A (IEC 60904-9 Ed2) 2% (Optional)

-   Temporal instabilityClass A (IEC 60904-9 Ed2) STI 0.5%, LTI 2%

-   Manual or automated I-V curve acquisition

-   Excellent Repeatability3%

-   Illumination area : larger than 1700mm x 1000mm
-   Allows making high rate modules testing: 1 HCPV module per minute
-   IV Tracer provides wide range of voltage and current, and can be customized

-   Lamp house and rack

-   Collimator
-   High speed IV curve tracer (Max current : 20 A, Max Voltage : 100 V)
-   PC with operating software
-   Monitor cell (calibrated according to DNI sensor)
-   Operating Instruction






-   Automatic sorter for HCPV module power rating

-   Barcode reader

-   Label printer

-   Dark room (chamber) for test system

-   PV module Holder






-   IEC 62108

       Concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) modules and assemblies-Design qualification and type approval