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Elaine Hung
     Solar Thermal Test System

All-Real Solar Thermal Test System provides the means of testing and developing solar thermal collectors - independent of weather and season - faster, more efficiently and more comprehensively than before. The test apparatus include all components for measurements according to EN12975.

The test system consists of four major parts:
(1) Solar simulator—the simulator consists of a lamp field equipped with eight metal halide lamps and an artificial sky.
(2) Central control system—all operations are centrally controlled by a touch screen panel PC.
(3) Thermal management—with specific exhaust air duct and Neutral Density Filter.
(4) Lamp house bracket—with specific light collector. The height and tilt of lamp are adjustable to meet different angle when light collector converges illumination.  

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Features System Includes Options Standards

-   Illuminated area : 2.5 m x 1.5 m (Variable, please contact us for customization specification)

-   Radiation source8 metal halide lamps (4,000 W x 8pcs), average lamp life is 500 hrs

-   Spectral match : Better than Class B, with specific filter to have the spectrum closed to AM1.5G

-   Irradiance adjustable : adopting alternative square-wave power source, the irradiance could be adjust from 700 W/m2~1000 W/m2

-   Non-uniformity : 15% (according to EN12975-2)

-   Temporal Instability : 2%, with specific light collector, keep full power operation at least 12 hrs

-   Acceptance angle : 2°

-   Spectral Range : 300 nm ~ 3000 nm

-   Lamp house and rack : with light collector and illumination meter

-   Solar meter and bolometer

-   Sky Simulation :
(1) Fixed Infrared Neutral Density Filter make the temperature close to natural Blackbody radiation temperature

      (2) NDF Rack to have the sky simulation move and rotate with lamp rack

-   Safety Circuit





-   EN 12975-1 2006

Thermal solar systems and components — Solar collectors — General requirements

-   EN 12975-2 2006

Thermal solar systems and components — Solar collectors — Test methods

-   GB/T 4271-2007

Test methods for the thermal performance of solar collectors

-   ISO 9806-1, ISO 9806-2, ISO 9806-3

Glazed flat plate and evacuated tube collectors & unglazed pool collectors

-   ASHRAE93 2010

      Methods of Testing to Determine the Thermal Performance of Solar Collectors

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