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Elaine Hung
     ivSolar X6 Steady-state Solar Simulator

All-Real ivSolar X6 Steady-state Solar Simulator adopts a Xenon lamp and unique optical design, the performance is better than IEC60904-9 Class AAA. Using ivSolar X6 allows doing indoor measurements without the hassle of outdoor uncertainty such as environment, time and weather effects…etc.
All-Real ivSolar X6 spectral mismatch is better than IEC 60904-9 class A, it provides 350 nm-1800 nm class A spectral range, comply with the light source requirements for solar cell measurement, optoelectronic element character measurement, biochemical material measurement and environment research.



Features System Includes Options Standards

-   Output beam size: max. 160 mm x 160 mm

-   Spectral match, non-uniformity, temporal instability: better than IEC60904-9 Class AAA

-   Full spectrum distribution: 350 nm-1,800 nm, AM1.5G, all the solar cell can be measured(mono-Si / poly-Si / a-Si / tandem Si / CIGS / CdS / DSSC) [AM 1 is optional]

-   Steady-state radiation source

-   lamp life-time: 1,500 hrs



-   Lamp house

-   Lamp Power

-   Operating Instruction




-   Probe Station for 6” solar cell

-   Cold Plate(Solar cell can keep at 25℃)

-   Monitor Cell (Comply with WPVS standard)

-   IV Curve Tracer

-   AM 1 Filter


-   IEC60904-9

Photovoltaic devices Part 9: Solar simulator performance requirements.