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Elaine Hung
     Mobile Solar Simulator- AURORA

All Real Mobile Solar Simulator- AURORA perfectly integrated the testing system from laboratory grade in a small mobile vehicle. AURORA can be moved to any location to check the power rating of PV modules before installation, screen out failed modules, and ensure the performance of solar power plant.

All Real AURORA is designed with Xenon flash light source. Its optical performance complies with IEC 60904-9 Class AAA requirement. With excellent optical design, the light engine could sustain Class AAA performance, not affected by vehicle movement vibration. In addition, AURORA includes precision IV measurement system, Reference cell built according to WPVS standard and independent generator to provide a complete on-site PV module test system.

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Features System Includes Options Standards

-   Output beam size: max. 2000 mm x 1500 mm

-   Spectral match, non-uniformity, temporal instability: better than IEC60904-9 Class AAA

-   Full spectrum distribution: 350 nm-1700 nm

-   Irradiance level adjustable800-1100 W/m2

-   Type of measurement : flash

-   Lamp lifetime : 10,000 flashes


-   Lamp house

-   Lamp Power

-   Operating Instruction

-   High speed IV curve tracer

-   WPVS reference cell








-   IEC60904-9

Photovoltaic devices Part 9: Solar simulator performance requirements.





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