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Elaine Hung
      Parallel Solar Simulator

All-Real developed the first Parallel Solar Simulator in the world with the collimation angle better than 0.4 degrees It is designed to meet IEC specifications:.. Spectral match, Non-uniformity and Temporal instability all achieve 3A standards Radiation spectrum range is from 350nm to 1,700nm, which is better than IEC60904-9 standard 400nm to 1,100 nm. The light source can best replicate real sun light condition.

All-Real Parallel Solar Simulator CAN the Provide at The MOST Accurate the Test Results the without Suffering at The Impact from Outdoor weather Weather. Light Intensity IS Adjustable the BETWEEN 800 the W / m2 ~ 1,000 the W / m 2 , Suitable for the Simulation of Different Intensity of Direct Light Tests Effectively Improve HCPV Measurement Accuracy the Cell.

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Features System Includes Options Standards

-    The Output Beam size: MAX. 280mm X 280mm

-    Spectral match, non-Uniformity, temporal Instability: Within last IEC60904-9 Class of Better the AAA (AM 1.5D)

-    Full Spectrum Distribution's: 350 nm-1700 nm

- The Irradiance Level Adjustable : 800-1100 the W / m 2   

- Steady-state radiation source

- Lamp lifetime: 1000 hrs

- Radiation non-collimated angle: <0.4 °

- Lamp house and rack

- Lamp Power and control system

-   The Operating Instruction

-    IV Curve Tracer



-    IV Curve Tracer






-    IEC60904-9

Photovoltaic devices Part 9: Solar simulator performance requirements.

-    IEC62108

        Concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) modules and assemblies-Design qualification and type approval




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