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Elaine Hung
     Class B Steady-state Solar Simulator Solar Simulator
All-Real Class B Steady-state Solar Simulator is built with special lamp array design, developed by All-Real to create an optical system with excellent performance of spectral match, irradiance non-uniformity and temporal instability. The majority of All-Real Class B Steady-state Solar Simulator are designed to meet Class BBA requirements, exceeding the requirement specified in IEC 61215, IEC61646.
 Standard  Measurement / testing
 IEC61646 (61215) 10.2  Maximum power determination
 IEC61215 10.4  Measurement of temperature coefficient
 IEC61646 (61215) 10.6  Performance at STC and NOCT
 IEC61646 (61215) 10.9  Hot-spot endurance test
 IEC61646 10.19  Light soaking
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Light Soaking / Class BBA Solar Simulator Spectral


Features System Includes Options Standards

-   Illuminated area : Modularized, lamp array design, 0.5 x 0.5 m ~10 x 10m or larger

-   Better than IEC, JIS and ASTM class BBA performance

-   Radiation sourceGas-discharge lamp

-   Irradiance level adjustable : 800 W/m2 -1200 W/m2 , lower or higher level can be customized

-   Smart control system and user interface


-   Lamp house and rack

-   Lamp power and control system

-   Solar cell/module cooling system (temperature control system) : 40-60

-   Human machine interface touch screen

-   Operating Instruction

-   WPVS monitor cell



-   IV curve tracer (Max current : 40 A, Max Voltage : 500 V)

-   Cold Plate for keeping monitor cell at 25

-   WPVS reference cell

-   Third party test report


-   IEC 61215

Crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules –Design qualification and type approval.

-   IEC 61646

Thin-film terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules – Design qualification and type approval.





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