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Elaine Hung
     Outdoor IV Tracer

All-Real outdoor IV curve tracer is used to make module I-V measurements under prevailing outdoor conditions. All-Real employs the electronic load method, and thus both a broad measurement range and high resolution are realized. For outdoor evaluations such as exposure tests, an automatic measurement mode is available to record the Voc, Isc, Pmax then come out fill-factor, efficiency and performance ratio, thus long-term continuous data can be obtained accordingly.

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Features System Includes Options Standards

-   The sample size reaches 1600 data points to get realistic I-V curve

-   Multi-channel design: automatic channel switch for measurement and accumulation of records

-   The maximum will complete 24 channel measurements in one minute.

-   4-wire connection: eliminates the measurement error caused by residual lead resistance

-   Measurement Range

Voltage Measurement Range
0~200 V
Voltage Selections:
50V / 200 V
0.2 % FS
Current Measurement Range
0~10 A
Current Selections:
2A / 10A
0.2 % FS
-   Record Isc / Voc / Pmax / Ipmax / Vpmax / Fill-Factor / Efficiency 

-   IV curve scan direction is selectable (Isc to Voc/ Voc to Isc)

-   Work with load resistance device for thin film module to conduct light soaking test

-   Export raw data to Excel

-   Outdoor durable protection rating : IP55

-   I-V curve tracer : I-V curve measurement

-   Switch Box: Extend measuring channel

- Temperature Sensor: PT100 thermometer  

-   Connection Box: Connect PV module with switch box

-    Mono-Si m onitor Cell: Irradiance monitor

-    Outdoor Cabinet

- Industrial PC: IV curve tracer inside 

- Operating Instruction

- Loading Box: resist to realistic loading    

- Radiometer  

- Weather monitoring system  

-    PV Module Rack 

- IEC 60904-1
    Measurement of photovoltaic current-voltage characteristics
-    IEC 61724
    Photovoltaic System Performance Monitoring -. Guidelines for Measurement, Data Exchange and Analysis






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