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Elaine Hung
     ivSolar-H2 Steady-state Solar Simulator

AllReal ivSolar Steady-state Solar Simulator offers users the most economic and efficient way to simulate natural sunlight for investigating solar cell electrical performance.
The ivSolar-H2 Simulator complies with IEC60904-9 specifications and comes with IV curve tracer , thereby cutting costs to achieve the solar cell IV testing solution.


IV curve Inside

Features System Includes Options Standards

-   Lamp house: Halgeon lamp

-   Average lamp life-time: 300 hrs

-   Maximum irradiance within effective area: 900~ 1,100 W/m2

-   Effective area: 30mm X 30mm

-   Spectral match: Class A

-   Irradiance uniformity within effective area: Class A

-   Temporal instability: Class A

-   IV Tracer

-   Software(Isc/ Voc/ Pmax/ Ipmax/ Vpmax/ Fill-Factor display)

-   Operating Instruction




-   IEC60904-9

Photovoltaic devices Part 9: Solar simulator performance requirements.